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Our AI and Machine Learning based system is versatile enough to be used in multiple places in your website to increase conversions. The more our system interacts with the consumer, the more it learns the user preferences. The more it learns, the more it optimizes the user journey towards conversions.

Site Search

For E-Commerce, site search is very important since a majority of their purchases are touched by search and discovery experience for products. Uplift Search excels in Product Search for all industries.

Category Pages

Discovery through browsing amounts for over 40% of your conversions. By showing the most relevant results on category pages, Uplift helps you boost your sales faster. The same advanced AI that powers your Site Search can improve conversions through optimized browsing experience.


User journey is incomplete without great and timely Recommendations. Uplift provides recommendations on various phases of user journey to increase up-sell and cross-sell - Product Display Page, Cart Page ... you name it.

Content Search

Blogs and other content assets are increasingly playing an important role in the marketing. With that, so is the ability to search and discover great content from within the website. We handle content search natively so that you can go back to writing good content.


Uplift Technology



Surfacing the right content for the right person at the right time is the core of Uplift. We achieve this through cutting edge technology and ruthlessly improve it through continuous A/B tests.


Uplift returns results within 100 milliseconds. That is 2x faster than the time it takes to blink an eye. We achieve this through our distributed cloud infrastructure and algorithms running at break-neck speed.


Uplift relies heavily on understanding user behavior through analytics. User behavior is fed back into Uplift to improve its algorithms and ultimately, website conversions. We integrate with all major Analytics tools.

Big Data

Uplift can ingest millions of records per minute. With the ability to work with Petabytes of data, rest assured that you are in good hands.

AI & Machine Learning

At the heart of Uplift is AI and Machine Learning. We rely heavily on the latest and greatest AI paradigms to surface the best content for each user at the right time.


You know your business best and our technology is there to assist you. Uplift provides you tools to enhance the decision-making process of what gets shown to whom and when.

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